4 Tips for a better consignment experience

4 Tips for a better consignment experience

Optimize your consignment drop-off experience! 
After 3 and half years in the consignment industry; we have some optimizing tips to share!
  1. Go through your closet seasonally

 Consigning pre-loved Items has become extremely popular, most* consignment shops accept seasonal clothing as we do not have the space to house out-of-season Items.

 Want to turn over your wardrobe? Perfect!

Start going through your Items at the beginning of each season!

2. Get to know the process and contract before drop off day 

Every consignment shop Is different! Check out the stores' process and contract before your drop-off day to ease the process. That way there are no unexpected surprises :)

Each shop Is unique and has its own way of doing things, keep this Is mind as you learn about their consignment process.

3. Wash your items before drop off day 

Washing before drop off say ensures that your Items have the best chance of being accepted on consignment.

 *items that are still wet from the wash can not be accepted on consignment for any reason!

4. Communicate with your local consignment shop 

Not sure what to bring?

Can't make It to your drop-off?

Let us know! we are happy to chat with you about any questions, concerns or cancellations.

*Any cancelled Upcycle appointments will be rescheduled at YOUR earliest convenience!

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