Why Upcycle Collective?

Why Upcycle Collective?


The definition of “collective” as a noun is: a cooperative enterprise. But we get a lot of questions asking why we call ourselves a collective. For us, the use of the word collective has been a big part of our brand. We wanted to start to redefine what the word “collective” looks like. Upcycle is a collective space that features used clothing, artists and quality goods that are all working towards social or environmental sustainability. Each consignor, artisan or designer contributes collectively to the space and shares in its profits. 

A consignment shop is truly a collective effort from the community. Without others bringing in items to consign the idea of a consignment shop would not exist. 

Your average consignment store at its core consists of people bringing items in to sell them collectively under a shop's name giving each individual a percentage of the sale for the items. Upcycle is doing just that and more. We work with artists and individuals for the same common goal; sustainability. Collectively our consignors and vendors sell their items with us whilst working towards a more sustainable future in fashion and everyday goods. 

We would propose to you to look at the definition of the word “collective” as open ended. Let’s celebrate people coming together to actively play a part for a more sustainable future. 


- Mackenzie
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