Where we donate to

Upcycle is very pleased to share our donation partners with you. As part of our consignment program, we offer a donation option for all consignment drop offs at Upcycle Collective. The consignee has the option to choose either pick up or donate for their unsold and drop off items with us. 

If the consignee chooses donate; after the 60 days, we pull the left over items off the floor and proceed to those items out for donation. 

Upcycle is proud to share that we now have 3 in person clothing donation partners. Our in person partners are: James bay community thrift center, Our place society, and Threshold housing.

We also incorporate finical donations to causes that are at the upmost importance and relevance at any given time. Upcycle offers a $5.oo rack in store where all proceeds generated are then donate to different causes. Some being, Ukraine, IRSS (indian residential school society), Victoria native friendship center, ravens trust. This list is ever growing as we try our very best to support the important matters within our community.