About Us

This little shop is a family run business where we value community and sustainability. 
 We stumbled upon this idea of a clothing collective having spent many years shopping in each other's closets and various second hand stores all over the world. The question then became how can we create a space that celebrates second hand clothing while bringing awareness to the environment. Thus, Upcycle Clothing Collective was born. A space that blends unique styles of consignment, second hand and vintage, while doing our part by slightly minimizing the fast fashion market.
Our mission is to help minimize the fast fashion industry and move towards a more sustainable future. Fashion plays a huge part in clogging up our eco systems. Most often, fashion items do not wear out, rather styles change, sizes change and likability changes. We are accustomed to simply discarding these items and most end up in our ever-so growing landfills. ‘Fast fashion’ is becoming a topic of conversation more and more. Sixty percent of today’s fashion is manufactured, consumed, then simply discarded which in turn is negatively impacting our environment.
More people are looking for ways to reduce their own ecological footprint whether it be recycling, driving an Eco-friendly car or shopping most items second hand. We are providing a place for individuals to express their style and be a part of something much bigger than themselves.
We want to grow the mentality of reusing, sustainability and sharing. Upcycle Clothing Collective provides the freedom to purchase second hand items and add to our collective while earning a little cash.
The environment is important to us and this is our way of waving our flag for the environment, we hope you wave yours too!


- Mackenzie